It’s a surprise to many that chartering a private plane can sometimes be the most economical way to fly, Depending on flight schedules, duration of stay, the number in your party and ticket prices for flying commercial, chartering a private jet can be more economical and cost effective than flying with a commercial airline.

Arranging to have a private plane or helicopter fly you to your destination requires more than just getting a quote and showing up at the airport. You want someone who can tailor a corporate aircraft charter that fits your needs precisely.

If you realistically value your time and that of your
 team, chartering a business jet can be cheaper than flying commercial,
paying for hotel rooms, waiting for connecting flights, plus the non-productive time standing in long security lines, etc, etc.


That’s what we specialize in.

  • We take care of all the details and work within your budget, when provided.
  • We search the market to find the best aircraft at the best cost that will suit your specific needs.
  • We offer some of the lowest Aircraft Charter, Private Jet Charter rates in Jakarta and Bali , contingency options and organize the logistics.

Indo Jet Charter provides a business trip jet charter to reach all cities around indonesia, reaching for more than 75 airports through the country, from big  commercial airports to a small airport.