CASA 212-200


The CASA C-212 Aviocar is a turboprop-powered STOL medium transport aircraft designed and built in Spain for civil and military use. C-212s are also produced under licence in Indonesia by Indonesian Aerospace, formerly called IPTN but now known as IAe. The design was initially marketed under the name of Aviocar, but EADS-CASA no longer uses that name in referring to the C-212.

A total of 478 C-212s of all variants had been delivered through the end of 2008 by EADS-CASA. EADS-CASA predicts that an additional 85 aircraft will be delivered in the 2007–2016 time period. EADS-CASA currently builds only the C-212-400, which received Spanish certification in 1998. The C-212-200 is currently built in Indonesia, and IAe is also reportedly preparing to begin assembly of −400 models.



The Best Priced Casa-200 In The World. Ready To Put To Work. 7,000 Hour Operator TBO. Garmin GNS-530 Nav/Com/GPS/MFD, Garmin GTX-330 Xpdr, Garmin GTX-327 Xpdr, Avidyne EX-500 Multi-Function, Fairchild A100 CVR, Honeywell ART-2000 Weather Radar.

Total Time Since New: 17,384.1 Hours
Total Cycles Since New: 28,790 Cycles

Engine Specs:
Engine Type / Operator Approved TBO: Garrett TPE-10R-511C / 7000 Hour TBO

LH Engine Serial Number: P-36252C
LH Engine Time SMOH / HSI: 2983.7 / 2983.7 Hours
LH Engine Gear Box SMOH: 2883.7 Hours

RH Engine Serial Number: P31522C
RH Engine Time SMOH / HSI: 418.1 / 418.1
RH Engine Gear Box: 418.1 Hours

Propeller Type: Dowty R334/4-82F/13
Operator Propeller TBO: 4000.0 Hours
LH & RH Propeller Time SMOH: 3408.4 Hours

1. Garmin GMA-340 Audio Panel
2. Garmin GNS-530 Nav/Com/GPS/MFD
3. Garmin GNS-430 Nav/Com
4. Garmin GTX-330 Transponder
5. Garmin GTX-327 Transponder
6. Avidyne EX-500 Multi Function
7. Codan 2000 HF
8. Sunstrand 980-4100 FDR
9. Fairchild A100 CVR
10. Honeywell ART-2000 Weather Radar