Indo Jet Charter Medical Evacuation service is available to any individual and corporate or government entity that has a patient in need of immediate transfer to any regional throughout Indonesian islands.Our air Medical evacuation  jets networks provide medical flight team with professional care and expertise, which includes a detailed pre-flight assessment to ensure that every patient is fit to travel. The team includes experts in the fields of cardiology, paediatrics,  and intensive care, and is supported by the most advanced medical technology.

We also affiliated with An air ambulance based in bali and jakarta , its is a private jet that has been specially equipped for a patient that requires extensive or urgent medical assistance during transportation.

It is the safest and quickest travel option for patients who are too sick or weak to endure the rigours of commercial flights.

Private jets and air ambulances can use ten times more airports than commercial airlines, allowing to operate into the closest airports to the treating and the receiving hospitals.

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